Please find bellow the most frequent asked questions FAQ about Casa Colibrí and Tulum.


Hopefully you find the answers to all your quesions, If not, please send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as posible. 

About Tulum

Tulum is a charming small mexican village by the caribbean cost. Nothing to do with big crowded developed villages like Cancún or Playa del Carmen. If you are looking for a place to relax, where you can enjoy the nature and the amazing white beaches, Tulum is the place to be. 

Nearest airport from Cancun to tulum? Distance?

The nearest intenational airport is Cancún 120km - 74 miles away. The high way "Mexico 307" road will take you directly from Cancun to Tulum. 

best connection from Cancun airport to tulum?

PICK UP SERVICE from/to the airport  cost 1.950 MXN Pesos (110 $) US each way for 2 people. We recommend this company "Cancun Airport Transfers".


TAXI from the Airport to Tulum cost about 1.200 MXN Pesos (70 $) US. Negotiate the price before getting in the Taxi. Also in Tulum the Taxi service is relabel and not expensive. 


ABO BUS, you can get a bus from the Airport to Playa del Carmen this will cost 140 MXN Pesos, (8 USA $) and from Playa del Carmen take another bus to Tulum this will cost 76 MXP Pesos (5 $).


RENT CAR this is maybe the most convenient transportation to move around Tulum and discover the soundings. 

can you arrage the pick up services for us?

Yes, our Property Management team in Tulum can help you to organised the pick up. 

Can you recommend a Car rent agency?

We tested different rent car companies in Cancun and Tulum, the most relabels for us are: Sixt (german company) or MEX (local rent mexican company they collaborate together with the american rent company FOX). 


American rent web page: http://www.rentalcars.com

does casa colibrí has bicycles?

Casa Colibrí has 4 bikes with padlocks, totally free of charge for our guest . 

where can we rent extra BICYCLES? or a small scooter?

There are plenty of rent bikes and scooter shops in Tulum down town including delivery and pick up service. The daily cost for a bike rents is about 10 $ US. We recommend this web for the bicycles: http://holabike.com

can you rent more bicycles for us?

Yes, if you need more bikes our Property Manager team in Tulum will be happy to assist you to rent extra bikes. The cost of the extra bikes will be charge as extra. Please contact our team for further assistance. 

Can we move around the city with the bicycles?

Absolutely! If you like to ride on the bikes, Tulum is a small city and everything is nearby. From the apartment here some distance with the bike: 


  • To the city center: 5 minutes
  • To the best Tacos restaurant in town: 5 minutes
  • To the the supermarket: 10 minutes
  • To the nearest grocery shop: 5 minutes
  • To the Tulum's hospital : 10 minutes (by car 5)
  • To the Bus Central station: 10 minutes (by car 5)
  • To the famous restaurant "Hartwood" by the beach front 30 minutes (with the car only 15 min). 
  • To the promenade about 25 minutes. (by car 10 - 15 minutes)
  • To the local cinema: Food & Films: 10 minutes (by car 5 minutes)

Is tulum a safe place?

Tulum is a save holidays destination in the Caribbean cost. It has a relax atmosphere and there are plenty of policy agents around controlling the traffic, etc. 


Yes, a damage deposit of 300 $ US must be paid with your booking confirmation or cash during the check in. This one will be return to you after the check out. 

Is casa colibrí suitable for kids?

Yes, children are welcome in Casa Colibrí and the apartment is child safe. We have special net to install in the balcony. 

does casa colibrí has a baby crib?

Yes, there is one free of charge. 

Does casa colbrí has extra guest beds?

Yes, we can install a small guest bed for a small child in the living-room. Remember that the apartment has 3 double rooms and is suitable for a maximum of 6 people. If the extra guest is a small child, we can find a solution. Please consult with us for further information or questions.  

Where is the nearest SUPERMARKET to Casa Colibrí? 

There are two main supermarkets in Tulum Chedraui and San Francisco. We  normally buy in Chedraui. There is also lots of small shops around the Town, where to buy bread, fruits, etc.

does casa colibrí has electrical adaptors?

There are european adapters in the apartment and USB adapters. 

Does casa colibrí has air a CONDITIONING?

Yes, en every room there is air a conditioning and heating. 

does casa colibrí has insect nets?

Yes, the are insect nets in every window and also in the balcony doors. The apartment door also have a special door brush at the bottom to avoid any unwelcome guest into the house. We recommend you to keep the insect net closed all the time. 

can i bring my dog?

Casa Colibrí is a pet friendly apartment. We also have cats and we know how hard is to leave your loving pets behind. However for further information and agreements please get in contact with us. Extra charge might be applied.  


The nearest hospital in Tulum is down Town 5 minutes away from Casa Colibrí by car. 


The tenant is not responsable for any accident that might happen in the apartment. We recommend you to have a travel insurance.